Piano Jubilum EP

Upbeat, uplifting tunes featuring piano and guest instruments that capture the jubilation of his adventures in the outdoors.
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Piano Bellus EP

An EP of tracks written in and for moments of peace. Primarily piano, with a few guest instruments.
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Listen to the full EP here.


Christmas Music EP

A collection of 19th century Christmas carols, played primarily on piano, organ and acoustic guitar. Traditional, but with a personal touch.

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Some beauty,  a bit of drama, some surprise, and a dose of serenity.

This image so perfectly captures both the source and the intention of my music.


When I sit down at the piano, most often the music is coming from the same part of me that loves the great outdoors.  A mountain or the sea are big, provocative, exciting, even dangerous things.  But I also find what you might call a dramatic tranquility to them.   I find these facets of Creation compelling, and it’s that feeling that informs my music.


Now, I don’t want to get carried away with a lot of flowery allegory.  I’m not planing in the ether having a transcendental experience or anything.  But I do like my music to include – as best I can – some beauty,  a bit of drama, some surprise, and a dose of serenity. I’ve been lucky to have many experiences finding those in the outdoors, and that experience is my most accessible well to draw these things from. This picture – although clearly composed – illustrates exactly how it feels for me.   This is also exactly how it felt when I took the original picture. That scene is my nirvana, and where the music comes from.


The picture in the studio – well, that’s the reality of how it actually happens.


Describing my music as “piano-centric” means that while my first musical love is the piano, I enjoy weaving in other instruments as well when it will create a certain texture. I observe no purist limits – although my ear seems to choose acoustic instruments for that more often than electric.


I hope others might find my music injects a bit of that into their lives too. Of course, that’s just how I experience it. No one needs my permission to find whatever pleasure or meaning in the same music as suits them.


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